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Just because someone has an engaging profile and seems like just the person you've been looking for, it doesn't mean you should blindly jump right in and hope for the best.In a time where identity theft and other scams run rampant on the internet, it's better to be safe than sorry.Below, the ground floor holds the stone kitchen, servant’s quarters and a freshwater well, reminiscent of times very different from today.Lindesay is available for special events in the garden, dining or drawing rooms, or in the marquee, overlooking the gardens and the harbour.It's this timelessness, and the beautiful gardens, that have made it so popular for weddings and other events.Come and experience nearly two centuries of gracious living.Mr Sturge is the descendant of Joseph Sturge VI, a lifelong Quaker, who worked tirelessly for, and was a prominent figure in the anti-slavery movement.

Learn about this former pastoral property dating from the 19th century well before Canberra was established.Dating from 1834, visit the elegant and historic property, Lindesay, with its stunning Georgian interiors and a fine collection of English and colonial furniture.The home is complemented by an elegant parterre garden and well tended grounds with uninterrupted Harbour vistas.A rare opportunity to visit Gungahlin Homestead, a 19th Century grand English style residence in Canberra.There will be tours of the building, refreshments and a range of activities for young and old.If you would like to buy a print of any of our images, please go to our Prints Sales website at


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