Who is carli lloyd dating

“Everyone kind of understood it, and let Carli do what she needs to do,’’ Hollins said. If you could be 100 percent focused, you’re better than 90 percent.At that level, there’s no room for not being focused even 1 percent.Lloyd entered the World Cup as one of the team's lesser-known stars, but she'll be the focus of this team and the year-long lead-up to the Olympics. When the Olympics are over, Lloyd and Hollins will finally tie the knot.

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Lloyd’s boyfriend, Brian Hollins, won’t be in Vancouver to watch his fiancee play. About a month ago, Lloyd told USA Today that she doesn’t want any of her family at the World Cup. Oh, and Hollins doesn't expect an invitation to Brazil, either, when Lloyd attempts to win her third gold medal. That includes waiting until after the 2016 Olympics, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro next August, before getting married.As I mentioned, the couple grew up together in the town of Delran, New Jersey and began dating in high school.I’m fairly certain that Carli Lloyd’s boyfriend Brian Hollins is the only guy she’s ever been with and vice versa.Carli Lloyd’s fiancé, Brian Hollins, saw her transcendent Women’s World Cup performance Tuesday the same way he will watch her in Sunday’s final — on television.


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