Facebook mobile not updating iphone

Apple’s i OS 8 is expected for a reveal at WWDC 2014 next month, but news has emerged that not every Apple product will be eligible for the new software version.This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; every time Apple launches a new software build some of its older products have their support phased out.These days, you may be posting Facebook Live videos.

As usual, Apple’s next crop of devices – the i Phone 6/Air, i Phone phablet, i Pad Air 2 and i Pad Mini 3 will carry i OS 8 on launch. Granted, a lot has happened since then and many users will have now upgraded, but the figures are still rather alarming – 20% of Apple’s user base is still a pretty hefty number.Macworld reports that i OS 8 will see the i Phone 4S and above upgrading to the new software, meaning the now long-in-the-tooth i Phone 4 will be stuck on i OS 7.Last year Apple phased out support for the original i Pad and i Phone 3GS, so it is at least sticking to a consistent pattern.Singsys is proud to be associated with apple as a developer since beginning itself.Singsys has several applications on app store either as in-house app or custom made app for our customers. We help customers without a developer account also to upload their app using our account which saves them money and time.Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California.


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