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For the benefit of those who haven’t, can you share with us your karting history and your performance credentials in the competitions you’ve entered since first racing competitively?I started racing in the Cadet category when I was 9 years old.

The CR-88 receivers were the workhorses for Radiomarine Corp.

RCA had to update their "cost no object," highly reliable military/commercial product and the AR-88 was the result.

Design stages probably date from as early as 1939 and the demands of WWII in Europe pushed RCA into having the AR-88 ready by early 1941.

It beats holding your life in your hands and seeing that it was made by the lowest bidder. The competition, not only against others but with yourself.

There’s a wonderful group of people who share the same interests in perfecting and doing a good job at the race track.


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